5 Essential Pet Care Tips EVERY Owner Must Know 

Like children need their parents for survival, so to do pets need you for their basic needs. Here’s what you need to do to keep your pet – be it cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, pet mice or exotic pets like lizards, snakes, chameleons, rabbits, or pigs – feeling happy, healthy and loved!

First, all pets require basic care and attention

Because pets are domesticated animals no longer accustomed to their natural environment, you’re responsible for ensuring he or she has identification (in case lost or stolen)along with adequate food, water, shelter, exercise and grooming.

Secondly, regular exams are VITAL

Animals, like you, deal with diseases and other age-related infirmaries such as arthritis, heart problems, toothaches, tapeworms and such. Best way to handle these issues is from the start. They may not always be noticeable so routine yearly checkups are key to preventive measures in giving your pet a long, pleasurable life.

Third, spay and nutur

Roughly 8 – 10 million pets end up in shelters and are often times euthanized due to over-population. This causes a lot of unnecessary loss of innocent life that can easily be solved with a simple procedure to cut down on the number of unwanted pets as well as lower the risk of certain cancers.

Fourth, keep your pet CLEAN

Some pets have the natural ability to clean itself, like cats for example, but even then you still want to manually clean to prevent any possibility of fleas, ticks or other nasty parasites from invading your pets being and your household.

Did you know all it takes to be infected with a tapeworm is for your pet to swallow a single flea? It’s nasty business. Easy solution. Keep your pet clean at all cost.

Lastly, get regular vaccinations and control your pets diet

Put too much food in front of them and they will eat…and eat…and eat…even when full. Obesity hinders many pets the same way it affects many people in the world. Just like you’ll be held responsible if your child is overweight from over-feeding, so to will you be responsible when your pet is throwing up food, getting sick and overweight. They won’t be happy with controlled rations, but it’s necessary to keep them fit and healthy.